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Founded in 2001. Delighting North County Ever Since.

Located in San Diego's North Country, Adam Ramirez is the name you can trust in San Marcos. It doesn't matter if the project is big or small. It doesn't matter if you only have one thing to do, or a long list of projects. Alex works on every project like he was working on his own home.

Handyman Services

Installing Ceiling Fans

It's not that these projects are complicated, but if you don't have the right tools (and if you haven't done one in a few years), these projects can go sideways quickly. Let us help you.


Television Installations

Did you just get a new big screen TV? We can help make sure you have the right mounting hardware and install it for you - all in the same day. 


Furniture & BBQ Grill Assembly

If we can assemble IKEA furniture then you know we can also assemble that new BBQ of yours. We won't end up with a bunch of spare parts and you won't end up with furniture or a BBQ that you can't use. We're the professionals.


Shelving Systems

When you want to get more space in your closet, or create a wall of books, we're the team who can help arrange and install your shelving. We can even help you figure out how much shelving you'll need.


Plumbing Services

Faucet / Showerhead Repair & Installation

You don't want a leaky faucet or showerhead in your house. It can cost you hundreds of gallons of wasted water every month - and that's not free.  We step into every project with an inspection to determine if there's more at issue than just a leaky faucet.


Sink Installation

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? We can help by replacing an older sink. We'll remove the old one and install the new sink - all in a single day.


Minor Plumbing Leaks

Hundreds of gallons a month can be wasted (at one drip a second) when you have a small leak. We have the skill and expertise to repair or replace any cracked pipes or fixtures.


Toilet Repair & Installation

If it's time to replace your toilet, maybe with new low-flow toilets, or to repair it, we're the folks you want to talk to. 

Painting Services

Painting Interior Walls & Doors

When you need someone to add an accent wall to make a room pop, we're the folks you call. We work fast but focused on the details to make every project perfect. We'll also take the doors off the hinges to paint them if you need it.


Painting/Staining Decks

If you need to paint or stain your deck to protect it from the wear and tear of guests and nature, we can help. We can even create a recurring project to come out and re-stain it every 3 years.


Painting Trim / Crown Molding

Does your home already have crown molding? If not, we can install it. But if you have it and you want it painted, we can. do that too. And the same goes for painting your trim. These little projects can do a lot for making your home feel amazing!


Furniture Painting

Have kitchen chairs or a hallway bench that needs a new polish of paint? Don't try to do it yourself - people forget to sand and strip the paint, and discover they're quickly in over their heads. Give us a call and we'll take care of it quickly and easily.

Electical Services

Light Fixtures

Want to change the look of a room? Quickly? Changing your lighting can have an immediate impact. We have years of installing new fixtures, while handling the electrical stuff you don't want to mess with.


Wall Switches & Sockets

People move switches for all sorts of reasons. They also add new switches, add wall sockets and more. And almost no one tries to do electrical work on their own - for good reason. Let us come in and take care of the work for you.


Outdoor Lighting

Do you want to enhance the security of your property? Let us install some new exterior lighting with motion detectors. We can also trigger the lights with timers. Whatever you need, you can trust us to handle it.

No Job is Too Small


Lighting Upgrades

If you want to install track lighting or smart bulbs, we're ready to help you.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan projects can go sideways quickly. Don't let them, hire us instead.

LED Bulb

LED Lighting

LED lights are more efficient and generate less heat. Let us help you convert to LED.


Light Electrical

Need help moving or changing an outlet, we can tackle these projects quickly.

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